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King Ramses King Ramses

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The man in gause! The man in gause!

Adventure Time Shirts! Adventure Time Shirts!

Rated 5 / 5 stars

They look amazing! My question is, can you do that? I'm very confused about copyright and all that stuff. Like, if you make your own art about a show and put it on shirts, pins, posters, and they start selling well, like I'm talking about more and better than the original artwork, can you get sued? That shit always confused me. Could you explain it to me very briefly?

Otherwise this looks incredible, man! There are some characters I'd rather see than others in there, but that's me getting picky. Very amazing job!!!

jouste responds:

thanks for dropping by willanatior!

so basically what I've gathered from my couple friends in the t-shirt business is that you are basically fine if the image is your own and a straight up homage. I asked the same questions when i was asked to create these designs. hope that helps and i've been asked this question quite a bit so I think i'll do a journal entry or something about it for clarification.


WTD #51 Saliva Door Dolly WTD #51 Saliva Door Dolly

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BPremo, you're the bandaid that covers my Eegra.

mutated company mutated company

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Wow that's incredible. I usually focus on how good colors look on compositions, but what's baffling me is your line usage. Your characters are line drawn and all that, and your backgrounds look just as sharp, yet they just don't consist of lines, just unsaturated shapes. Very very nice work, kmau!

kmau responds:

Backgrounds start out as lines too! Thanks!

My DC Designs: Harley Quinn My DC Designs: Harley Quinn

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Let me tell you, you've mastered a bunch of things starting out that some people at my age don't even grasp. Your attention to detail and how everything looks balanced on her (no leg bigger than the other) really show your dedication. Also love the background and the faded extras around it. I can tell you're dedicated, and that's very good. Don't stop. If you plan on studying art, first thing I'd recommend is you take an Anatomy class. Once I took anatomy I understood so many things about drawing humans, and why certain things look out of place even when I erase and redraw a lot. That's all I'd say you have to look out for: proportions and their placement.

Keep it up, tho!

Tarantulaben responds:

Thanks man. Anatomy is actually probably one of my few flaws as an artist, so I've been trying to get better at it. That's what I get for drawing nothing but Madness Combat for a while.